Interlude launches Charlie Gets Fired & TOYS on Eko

Big things have happened at Interlude since our last update, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. First off, the launch of not one but two new interactive series! There’s Charlie Gets Fired, an animated comedy that puts you in control of the destiny of one hapless jobseeker who just can’t seem […]

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Coke’s Super Bowl Ad Goes Interactive

When our company was founded, our goal was to create a medium that finally let viewers step into a story and actively participate in its unfolding. And of course we hoped this medium would touch millions of people one day. Well, we still have a long way to go, but today was a very exciting […]

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Miss the Democratic Debate last week? Well never fear, we didn’t!

A few weeks ago, we launched the first episode of Call Bulls#!t to fact check the candidates from the 3rd GOP Presidential Debate. Working with Morgan Spurlock and his Warrior Poets team, we fact checked the whole debate and turned it into a game to test your bullshit meter. And while the experience was a success, some viewers pointed that only going after one party wasn’t fair. Well, we called bullshit on that.

Last week, as the 2nd Democratic Debate was held, Hillary, Bernie, and O’Malley also spoke a lot of bullshit. From minimum wage, to the war on terror, to campaign financing, we knew the debate was ripe for some good ol’ fact-checking. And with two debates in a week, there was twice as much to call out. Pick a candidate from either side of the fence in the second edition of Call Bulls#!t.

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We’ve Created a Button to CALL BULLS#!T

Call Bulls#!t is a game based around how well you can detect people’s bullshit. Choose a candidate, and decide if what they’re saying is bullshit or the truth. In the end, find out how strong your bullshit meter is, compete with your friends, and go after another candidate.

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Run Away With Carly Rae

Carly Rae Jepsen went around the world, bouncing from New York to Paris to Tokyo, to create the linear video for her newest single, “Run Away With Me.” The linear video showcases the same spontaneity as the song suggests, but like with any video production, not all footage made it to the final cut. Enter Interlude.

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All That Glitters is Gold

On Tuesday, the CLIO Award winners were announced, and we are thrilled to announce Interlude has taken home a Gold Clio in the Music – Innovative category for our video “Trampled Under Foot (Brandy & Coke),” created in collaboration with Hal Kirkland and Prettybird!

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Movin’ On Up

Click through the see the new digs!

Big things are happening at Interlude (have you watched our recent videos for CeeLo Green and MTV’s Scream?) – so big, in fact, we recently outgrew our New York home. Though we’ll remember the old space fondly, we’re proud to present our new office! Take a quick tour, including our amazing new studio where we’re cooking up a ton of exciting interactive projects. Sign up here if you like previews!

Really like what you see? We’re hiring!

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Laugh the Pain Away With CeeLo Green

CeeLo is back, with new album Heart Blanche out in November and the just-released interactive video for lead single “Robin Williams” created by team Interlude in collaboration with our friends Vania Heymann (who we previously partnered with on Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”) and Prettybird. The clip, a novel twist on Google search, transforms the ordinary into a unique and exciting new way to experience a song.

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How Long Can You Survive?

We’ve all yelled at the screen when a character in a horror movie is making the wrong decision. And we know that, put in the same situation, we’d of course make the logical and life-saving decisions. Well now we can put those assumptions to the test with the recent launch of “Surviving Scream”, our interactive collaboration with MTV and Divide / Conquer to promote the new Scream TV series, premiering tonight.

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The Webby results are in… and we won!

We came. We saw. We conquered. On Monday, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced the winners of the 2015 Webby Awards and Webby People’s Voice Awards. Three Interlude projects had been recognized in the nominations, and we have won 3 Webby Awards and 2 Webby People’s Voice Awards!

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