Earlier this year, we partnered with L’Oréal to promote their line of advanced hairstyle products, and one of the main issues facing L’Oréal consumers was that achieving salon-worthy hair at home seemed daunting. The solution was to create an interactive how-to video that engaged different consumer personalities and styles.

To measure success, we teamed up with True[X] Media, a premium ad network that specializes in interactive units, to compare the results of the interactive how-to version to those of the non-interactive version. The findings demonstrated that an Interlude interactive video solicits a better response than its non-interactive equivalent.

How significant is this response you ask? For starters, viewers who interacted 3 or more times showed a 30% lift in brand appeal, a 39% lift in consideration, and a 45% lift in purchase intent.

There’s no doubt that interactive video is gaining traction in the world of digital marketing, and these results demonstrate pretty clearly why. Interested in more details? You can download the full case study here.

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